Looking for a magic wand?

12 Hour Practical Workshop (3 hours per week for four mornings a week) : May 2021

I don’t claim that I have the magic wand – but if you are looking to brush up your skills and find some fresh strategies to use with your teenager, this could be the course for you.

Parenting is a skill we develop along the way and not something we are taught before the kids arrive. Becoming a parent might be the biggest personal development project you’ve ever undertaken – and one that you had no idea would push you to your limits on a regular basis! The Gentle Art of Parenting Teens course is a blend of personal and parenting development in a small setting, taught in person allowing for the crafting of personal strategies and insights that you can try out at home after each workshop.

The course draws on a multitude of resources and books, as well as courses and trainings that I’ve attended over the many years of being a parent, a school counselor and a therapist. It will give you practical skills as well as understanding of what works best and how to implement changes. It will challenge you to consider who you are as a parent and how to bring out the best in yourself so that you can parent as the highest version of yourself as often as possible. It provides practical skills and simple one-liners to manage conflict and disagreements gracefully. It focuses on building relationships using empathetic connection and firm boundaries and helps you to build the language needed to keep them in place.

Delivered in a small group setting (8 parents max) it will connect you to others seeking to build their parenting skills. It is a 12-hour course that runs over 4 weeks on Tuesday mornings. Participants need to commit to attendance at all four workshops.

Dates are as follows:

Tuesday 18th May 2021
Tuesday 25th May 2021
Tuesday 1st June 2021
Tuesday 8th June 2021

Time: 9:30am to 12:30pm

Venue: Anam Cara, 38a Seah Street, S.188493

Course designed and facilitated by Paula Huggins

Course Overview

Week 1: What’s Your Style?

  • What is discipline? And what are your parenting goals?
  • Identify your parenting style – this is more that just helicopter, big softie or authoritarian. Who are YOU and how does that influence your parenting style? And how does that style meet your child’s style of being?
  • Develop your approach based on self-knowledge and some simple strategies.
  • Understanding empathy and the impact of modelling firm but fair boundaries.

Week 2: The Developing Brain

  • Insights from the world of neuroscience to help understand the impact of discipline on the developing brain.
  • How empathic connection and active listening improve relationships, cooperation and have a positive impact on the brain.
  • Practice strategies to implement in the “real world”.

Week 3: Tantrums to Tranquility

  • Pro-active parenting – getting ahead of the wave
  • Language – learning that less is more when it comes to words
  • Boundaries – how to set them (and hold firm!)
  • More Practice

Week 4: Wrap It Up and Take It Home!

  • Self Care and Mindful Parenting: Our ability to care for others depends on our ability to care for ourselves.
  • Tailoring the strategies to fit your family
  • Even MORE practice


$475 per person for the 12 hour in-person course.

On successful registration of interest and invoice will be issued, payable by bank transfer or PayNow! Places will only be held once payment has been made.