“The created world in the sand is real – is experienced in the present with the therapist as a trusted witness…”
(Webber & Mascari, 2010)

(participants must have completed prior training with ETA to attend)

Monday February 6, 2023

5pm – 8:30pm
Anam Cara @ 38a Seah Street

$300 per person

Facilitator : Dr Helen Wilson PhD
Senior Trainer, Expressive Therapies Australia

If you seek to work with clients from a heart-focused space within yourself, if you seek to provide a loving presence for clients with a safe, creative, multi-dimensional approach, grounded solidly in research evidence, then this advanced level sandplay and symbol work seminar and workshop may be for you.

We will explore how Expressive Therapy, in particular, Sandplay and Symbol Work can offer safe and accessible pathways to traumatic memories to facilitate transformation of the trauma narrative.

The debilitating impact trauma impacts a person’s ability to study, work, relate and eventually process the event.  Working in a trauma-informed way heightens our sensitivity to the need to offer a safe and protected space, in which the traumatic event can be integrated, so the person feels whole once again.

Sandplay is multidimensional and can be nonverbal – well suited to provide safety in voluntary disclosure of sensitive issues. In the creation of images in a sandtray clients discover the ability to find meaning and mastery over distressing events.

This workshop offers the opportunity extend our learning about the capacity and ability to support clients who have a legacy of trauma, with flexibility and adaptability using Sandplay Therapy and Symbol Work as interventions.

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