Expressive Therapies in Cognitive Behavioural Approaches
One Day Training : Singapore : In Person
For counsellors, therapists, psychologists, social workers

Creative arts for linking sensations, emotions, thoughts & actions
with young clients

New date will be set soon
9am – 4:30pm
Venue : Singapore Shopping Centre, Clemenceau Avenue
(Opp. Singapura Plaza)

In this one-day experiential training you will learn multiple creative arts-based and mindful ways to support young clients’ self-awareness and discovery of ways in which sensations, emotions, thoughts and behaviours are linked. The focus will be on using Expressive Therapies as an addition to the Cognitive Behaviour Therapists’ toolkit, including therapeutic writing, use of art, use of miniatures and somatic focus. We will explore the multiple ways an Expressive Therapies-assisted form of CBT can be created and applied to support more effective clinical outcomes.

A number of worksheets created by the Directors of Expressive Therapies Australia will be provided to support areas such as functional analysis, articulation of beliefs, problem solving and goal-setting. Relaxation activities as a support for anger management will be explored.

Led by ETA’s Senior Trainer:
Dr Mark Pearson

Ph.D., M.Ed.(BEM); Dip T.; Cert HB & TP; Dip. ERC.

Expressive Therapies Support the Core Elements of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy:

  • Similar to Expressive Therapy, CBT is a highly integrative approach, combining diverse elements into a whole approach.
  • Clients, as a prerequisite to behaviour change, must increase awareness of how they think, feel, and behave and the impact they have on others: Expressive Therapy has a focus on increasing self-awareness.
  • The visual components of Expressive Therapy can help clarify thinking and enhance communication.
  • The somatic and mindfulness practices of Expressive Therapy support actualising the CBT aims of gaining freedom from impulsivity and rumination.
  • Expressive Therapy Symbol Work can bring insight about core beliefs and unfreeze negative attitudes about self.
  • Expressive Therapy’s multi-modal self-discovery structured worksheets support integration of awareness and action planning.

Early bird : $425 – full payment by 6th July
Standard price: $450 – after 6th July