Are you fed up with feeling that people just don’t “get” you?

Tired of repeating yourself over and over and feeling like nobody really hears what you are trying to say?

Are you longing to authentically show up, stand up and be counted?  But struggle with a fear of offending others?  

Have you experienced relationships or friendships that have simply drifted apart leaving you wondering why?   

Take a breath. Now take an even deeper one.  

Do you dream of living in a world where you can communicate clearly and compassionately no matter how challenging the situation is?  

Where you get to speak from your authentic heart?  

A world where you build relationships with colleagues, friends or family built on mutual trust and respect for each other?  

If you feel ready to transform your relationships and are curious to know where to begin, read on…  

Change Your Words, Change Your World

If you are seeking a path that leads you to resolve conflict with compassion, communicate more clearly and effectively and experience deeper connection then this two and a half hour introductory workshop with point you in the right direction with practical tools to support you in handling challenging situations with friends, family or colleagues with respect and understanding. 

The workshop will explore:

  • The Powerful Role of Empathy – what it is, what it isn’t and how to put it to best use towards ourselves and towards others.
  • The framework of Non-Violent Communication Framework developed by Marshall Rosenberg based on the work of Carl Rodgers including the skills of observation, feelings, needs and making requests
  • How our habitual thought patterns or “stories” impact our lives and our communication with others
  • How to navigate your inner dialogue and transform blame, shame or self-criticism into compassionate self -understanding and develop a new level of conscious awareness  

This workshop can be run on demand when a minimum of 6 people express interest. Maximum 8 participants due to COVID-19 precautions.

Venue: 38a Seah Street, SG 188594 – in person

Financial Commitment: $150 per person

Click the link below to express interest